What About Bharat?

More and more people are becoming inspired to spread awareness of our broken mental health care system by telling their own story, and by speaking on podcasts, Instagram, websites, in lectures and at workshops. And yet, it seems like change to this system is not happening fast enough. Last year, I met a man through … More What About Bharat?

5 Terrible Things To Say To Someone With Mental Illness

Sometimes, people say foot-in-mouth comments to those with mental illness when they don’t know how to appropriately offer support. Other times, this is done out of ignorance, rudeness or just plain arrogance. Whatever the reason, people with mental illness tend to receive frustrating comments. Below is a list that I have made of comments that … More 5 Terrible Things To Say To Someone With Mental Illness

New Year, New Me?

It’s been awhile! I haven’t meant to abandon this blog. My brain has just been busy with holiday craziness and a lot of changes taking place in my life. To be honest, I often look back on things that I write and can’t relate to it anymore, or think it’s just pointless bitching, and wonder if … More New Year, New Me?